One Tech Group & NSB GROUP Forge New Maritime Service Pact for Global Excellence

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  • October 16, 2023

One Tech Group NSB GROUP forge new maritime service pact for global excellence

Limassol, Cyprus


In a momentous collaboration, One Tech Group proudly announces a strategic 3-year service agreement with the esteemed NSB GROUP, utilising One Tech’s certified engineers. The effective partnership and undoubted trust between the two companies will help bring service costs down. Furthermore, is set to redefine maritime electromechanical services on a global scale, as it ensures peace of mind and safe voyages by proactively delivering meticulous maintenance, fixed costs with global coverage and surveying of critical vessel equipment.

Ensuring the safety of NSB GROUP vessels and their crew at sea is of paramount importance, and compliance with international regulations is non-negotiable. Several crucial technical services and inspections are mandated to maintain the integrity of their operations.

Scope of Services: Our comprehensive contract encompasses a range of vital equipment services, including but not limited to Annual radio surveys, Bi-annual magnetic compass calibration, Annual VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) performance testing and certification, Single gyro compass overhauls, Radar inspections, Radar magnetron replacement and Maintenance of SART/EPIRB, GMDSS, handheld radios, and VDR beacons.

Partnering with OTG reduces the administrative burden on vessel operators, as One Tech experts are well-versed in regulatory requirements and documentation. This means that vessels can focus on their primary mission of safe and efficient transport, knowing that their technical systems are in expert hands. Overall, relying on certified technicians for these critical services is an investment in safety, compliance, and operational reliability, offering peace of mind to both vessel operators and the dedicated crews who work at sea.

At One Tech Group, our unwavering commitment is encapsulated in our motto: “Your Ships, Our Dedication, Anytime, Anywhere.”

Mr. Loucas Michaelides, Commercial Manager of OTG Group, underscores our core mission: “Our paramount goal is to provide an unparalleled ship management experience to our clients, transcending geographical boundaries. We continuously adapt our services to meet your evolving needs, 24/7.”

About the NSB GROUP
NSB GROUP is a fleet operator and maritime services company with headquarters in Buxtehude and locations in Singapore, on the Philippines, Korea, and China. Its history goes back to 1982. In addition to traditional technical management, the services offered by the ship management company include commercial management, crew management and training, insurance services, engineering, and newbuilding. In total, NSB manages a fleet of over 50 ships. NSB GROUP employs around 150 people on land and 1,700 at sea worldwide.