About us

One Tech Drydocks & Ship Repairs represents the highest caliber shipyards and service workshops around the world, for any drydocking or urgent ship repair that the customer might need.

In addition, the company represents leading anti-corrosion marine coating suppliers, which is revolutionary as it cures under water and can be applied in wet areas with no time waste and only hydro blasting ensuring tremendous cost savings to its customers.

Why Choose Us

  • Our main concern is to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements
  • To deliver on time at competitive costs
  • The geographical location and the good reputation of our shipyards’ representations along with the very good cooperation we maintain between our shipyards and our customers

Ship Repairs & Services

Ship Repair Yards Worldwide
Representing the world’s most reputable shipyards with great geographic accessibility
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Specialized Marine Coatings
Innovative, solvent-free coating technologies that provide long term corrosion protection for the most demanding applications
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BWTS Installations & Commissioning
Pioneer ballast water management systems (BWMS), remaining firmly fixed upon protecting marine environment