Honoring Seafarers’ Day 2021

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  • June 25, 2021

Honoring Seafarers’ Day 2021

We, at One Tech Group, would like to honor the Seafarers’ Day & wish them health & safe travels.

We, as a marine technical service company, experienced similar difficulties as the seafarers during the COVID 19 pandemic. Our engineers risked their lives to support adequately our customers, in every possible way worldwide.

We fully acknowledge that the current situation has affected the shipping industry. Hundreds of seafarers could not leave their ships, be repatriated home, or even get medical assistance due to the travel restrictions. Others, have had their contracts terminated or have been quarantined on board ships without getting paid.

These people deserve our respect and admiration as they repeatedly sacrifice their lives under very dangerous and hush circumstances in the toughest seas and roughest weather, by providing humanitarian assistance to others.

We salute you and you have our full support, respect and gratitude!