A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Principal, SEAS OF SOLUTIONS

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  • October 4, 2023

A heartfelt thank you to our principal, Seas of Solutions

Seas of Solutions is a dedicated, marine focused organisation, owner of globally recognised safety electronics brands McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine. Their vision is to support Safer Sailing, Anytime – Everywherewhich aligns with our views and moto, making them a proud principal of ours.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for organising an exquisite gathering at NYX Hotel, fostering an environment where ideas could flourish, partnerships could be forged, and progress could take root.

 With a reputation for innovative marine safety products, their mission is to offer reliable marine electronics that help improve robust data capture and maximise crew survivability.

Their aim, to utilise their industry knowledge and unparalleled sales and service network to offer their partners and customers the dynamic response they need from their go to electronics manufacturer.

Headquartered in Zoetermeer, (NL) and with a customer service hub in Portsmouth (UK), they continue to invest in the training and support of their impeccable global service network, to ensure Seas of Solutions is the byword for unrivalled customer experience.