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Our Products & Services

Aspiring to holistically serve our partners’ electromechanical and respective spare parts needs accordingly, One Tech has worked tirelessly to expand its product base, resulting in a rich and varied profile of services.

One Tech’s innovative turnkey solutions have been carefully developed to ensure efficient and effective implementation at cost-sensitive and competitive prices, underpinned by the company’s steadfast service philosophy expressed by availability, reliability, and flexibility.

With the company’s headquarters stationed in Cyprus, further sales offices and service stations situated in Greece, Dubai, and Rotterdam, and dedicated agents located in the UK, Germany, Singapore, China, and Lithuania, One Tech is uniquely positioned to cater to all territories.

Indeed, riding squads comprised of certified electrical and mechanical engineers, welders, fabricators, riggers, and more can be mobilised to any part of the world in delivering a host of technical services, drydocking repair services, and services undertaken afloat or underwater.

Take some time in familiarising yourselves with our products by perusing the list below, and do not hesitating in reaching out to a member of the One Tech team should you have any questions or queries.


From radars and gyrocompasses, to AIS, autopilots, echosounders, and more, One Tech’s specialised and maker-approved service engineers are capable of tending to all navigational needs, including installation, maintenance, and overhauling of equipment, and providing of spare parts when necessary.


Integral to safety, security systems are requiring of continued maintenance and performance testing in ensuring their efficiency. One Tech’s engineers provide a range of security services, such as radio surveys, installation of security equipment, and maintenance of all security-related systems, including anti-piracy systems, VDR, and CCTV. Annual surveys and annual performance tests, as well as shore-based maintenance agreements may be established at competitive prices to this end.


One Tech’s engineers are certified to service significant equipment – inclusive of the Engine Monitoring and Control systems (EMC), power management system, and switchboard and breaker systems – as well as being able to design, implement, and commission hardware and software for automation systems. Furthermore, One Tech is able to supply all electrical parts and cables required to this end.


With a host of certified service engineers within its team, One Tech offers propulsion services – such as bonding, inspection of a vessel’s sealing system, and more – with bonding services being able to be delivered afloat or during the dry docking of the vessel.


Safeguarding the environment in avoiding pollution has long become a necessity and a priceless investment, and – as such – One Tech’s engineers are certified and trained to install, calibrate, maintain, and repair a plethora of protection and detection systems designed to this end, such as ODME and ICCP systems. In fact, in response to the application of new regulations pertaining to Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), One Tech will undertake the training of even more engineers to be able to effectively offer after-sales services and troubleshooting for BWTS.


Crucial to safety, One Tech’s engineers ensure that communication systems – from SatCom equipment and radio systems, to software solutions – are unfailing, and always running effectively.


From thermographic inspections to endoscopic alignment, and the on-site monitoring of equipment, One Tech’s squad teams of mechanical engineers are available to tend to a variety of mechanical needs, inclusive of auxiliary engine services, and overhauling.

Marine & Industrial Coatings

Using only the highest quality products, One Tech offers marine and industrial coatings that are guaranteed for five, 10, or 15 years, depending upon the area of coating. The one-of-a-kind coatings utilised are revolutionary, allowing for application both under water, and during heavy rain.