OneTech Group Spreads Holiday Cheer Through Community Support

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  • February 6, 2024

One Tech Group Spreads Holiday Cheer Through Community Support

As the joyous season unfolds, immersed in the spirit of giving, sharing, and love, One Tech Group is inspired to make a meaningful contribution to our community. Recognizing our responsibility, we embark on a journey to give back, spreading warmth and support where it’s needed most – among the children.

Instead of traditional Christmas gifts for our valued partners, customers, and associates, we have chosen to support the Center for Preventive Pediatrics “Amerikos Argyriou” (Κέντρο Προληπτικής Παιδιατρικής “Αμερίκος Αργυρίου”) with a donation. This foundation specializes in preventive pediatrics and actively engages in screening programs for pregnant women and newborns.

Together, let’s make a difference this season, fostering compassion, connection, and shared goodwill. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In the photo, Dr. Argyris Argyriou, Paediatrician and President of the Center, is pictured alongside Mr. Loucas M. Michaelides, Commercial Manager of One Tech Group.