One Tech honours Seafarer Day!

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  • June 28, 2019

A special thank you to the seafarers for the significant work they do!

The day of the Seafarer is an annual event celebrated across the globe on June 25th. The aim of that day is to show appreciation and recognition for the seafarer’s contribution to the world economy. To make people aware of the career opportunities in the shipping industry.

Today around 90 percent of the world trade is conducted through sea. It is important to understand the significant role of the seafarers. They put their lives on risk, endure hard & monotonous routines, sacrifice their family & social life to run the global economy and welfare.

In 2010, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) designated the 25th of June as the Day of the Seafarer. From there onwards, that day is being celebrated and earned its significance around the world. Every year IMO announces a different theme for the day aiming to build awareness and engagement. 2019 theme is “I Am On Board with gender equality” and the objective is to raise awareness about gender equality and also encourage women to join merchant navy.

This year, once again One Tech honoured the Seafarer Day. One Tech’s culture emphasizes on the gender equality, providing equal opportunities at the workplace environment.

From all of us at One Tech, a special thank you to the seafarers, male or female, for the significant work they do!